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femme fatale
8 years ago

A pictorial of a disingenue

Alec, a successful IT professional, gets caught up in the calamities of a femme fatale.

Already picturing how he might need to play dead over and over again, Leana gauged Alec as the warranty for broken parts inside of herself since she couldn’t bring herself in for service. Chronically forgetful Leana pictured it would be incontrovertible t...

11 years ago

This Could Be Love

Be careful who you open the door to...

This Could Be Love In hindsight, I should probably have just turned her away there and then. However, you know how it is – no matter what sort of day you have, you just can’t turn away a devastatingly attractive woman on your front doorstep.Even when you...

11 years ago

One Word

Just one word can change your life forever.

One Word  It was one of those things you say in the heat of the moment that, if you’re lucky, you get chance to regret. She looked at me with what I’d normally call bedroom eyes, sultry and dark with black lining and thick lashes. Realistically she was th...