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Mac Cool (an Irish myth)

Another poem/rhyme challenge

Mac Cool An Irish Myth Wizards and warlocks Steal clad knights Castles in the sands, Oh, what a site. On the beach, in the rain. Dragons bane, most insane. Goliath of beast, Brimstone and fire. Breath of flame, Tis a curse, hell-fire. On the beach, in the...

Scrabble Champ

Messing about with words while playing Scrabble

Scrabble Champ I want to be, a Scrabble Champ, I want to pass the test. But words like 'it,' with 'and' or 'dog,' will never beat the best. Obscurity in wordiary, that seems the way to be, but wugahumf and neuxzily, are double-dutch to me. Although I try,...