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Self reflection Stories

self reflection

Living Parallel lives

Left out and neglected by family

An ache a twinge A silent cringe An expletive uttered Echoes in twos Across the sphere Laughter of children The hoots of owls The whisper of wind Across the roof Twine entwine heard Gossamer fingers whispers of caresses the ardent lover smiles kisses met...

mists on the pathway under tall cypress trees floating leaves slow danced on cold blowing wind sprinkles of rain falling on upturn face as the moon struggled to light the clouds floating on indifferent skies tears from tired eyes fell you walked out of th...


Hard to stand here? You bet ya.

You know what's funny? How easy it is to give up on something you cared so much about. You constantly tell yourself that you could never give up that something, whether it be a hobby, a loved one, or even yourself. The last is surprisingly easy though, a...