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6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 7

An underground castle, a floating lake, a flaming river, and a snowfield that rains avalanches?

Sunny passed through the wall and stepped into the portal room of Undelumi Castle. It was a simple room with only a floor mirror at its center. The mirror had a thick wooden frame and along it was the carvings of gnomes and precious gems. Though it appear...

6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 6

Nurse Joy, stop lifting up your dress! I can see your pantie!

Richard and Sunny climbed the stairs from basement 10, but as the stairway was choked full of rubbles from basement 7 to basement 4, they had to stop for Sunny to restore the place. Snapping his fingers, Sunny powdered the rubbles into sand and cemented i...

6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 5

The avalanche is coming! Get in my barrier now!

As she tightened the blue scarf around her neck, Ata wrestled the words out of her mouth. “Isn’t he Element Artist?” There was no reply coming, but Ata understood the implicit confirmation from the stern faces of her teammates. “Gor, the orders stated tha...

6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 4

You want me to read his mind? Argh!

In the mind of Sunny, uncountable fibers of his consciousness wriggled out and stitched into the mind of Borrit. Rapidly, these fibers spun themselves into yarns and the yarns twisted themselves into strands. There were now three strands and each twisted...

6 years ago

Begend: Chapter 3

Run! The hallway is collapsing!

“You’ve lost your memories,” Richard said as he led Sunny to the destroyed stairway. “But it’s alright, Myrine and Shannen can help with their abilities.” The pair walked toward the wall opening of the stairway where it was blocked by a large shark of ear...

6 years ago

Begend Chapter 2

A sword that is seemingly blameless, or a blade that is a pirouetting wind?

The moles near Sunny hustled at him while those that were far shot their nails. Quickly, he smashed through hordes of them as nails grazed and split his skin red. Overwhelmed, he used Earthen Shark and rode it down the stairs, all the while with two Storm...

6 years ago


Sunny has been summoned into the world of Begend.

Richard Clanden was a knight who braved through many battles. Many times, he shed blood instead of tears, but this was one of the few occasions when tears must be shed. The gold magic circle in the center of the room waned and dissipated, returning the ro...

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