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The Opposites

A young Susan sees her life changing from day to night, everything changes in her life

Chapter1-First encounters That day everything changed for me, I had to leave the sunny days for the cold nights. I had to lie to everyone I knew, and I felt bad about that, but I had no other choice. That day was so hard,I was so confused that I felt I wa...

The Dangers of Gardening

When people start dying of mysterious wounds the rumoured vampires aren’t the only danger in town.

It had happened again. A body had been found; a body which had been drained of blood through two puncture marks on the victim’s neck. Could this be the work of a vicious animal? There were no such animals in or around the small town of St Andrews, its inh...

Blackmoor Chapters 2-4

Detective Grace Dobson's new case opens doors locked long ago.

2 Grace Dobson leaned against a red, brick wall of an old factory building. Hiding in the shadows she watched the cars that drove past. Every once in a while a neighbor would walk past the alley Grace rested in. Taller neighbors would walk right past the...

Nightly By Jade and Jen

When you hear a whistle in the wind or feel a chill up your spine, it is us. The Nightly

Prologue We are many. You can't see us for what we are. But we are here. Waiting in the shadows. Now that you understand we are different you can pretend you know how we are, who we are, and how we live. But you will never truly get it. We are different f...

Vampire Murders Part 24

The police move in on the seven murderers. The end is near for the investigation.

Slade turned to Eran and Connie, as Leona and he walked to his car. "We are going to talk with Gustaf and Andrei to open a dialog with the vampire community. Why don't you go question Maria? That way we can do more in less time," Slade said as he helped L...

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Vampire Murders Part 21

Eran, Connie and Leona become best friends. The murderers become desperate.

The moon was a sliver of white in the eastern sky as Leona and Eran left the police station. They did not notice that a truck followed them through the city. They went directly to the hospital to see Connie and find out when the hospital would release her...

Vampire Murders Part 20

Eran gets the video evidence for the fire and the murders and makes a new friend.

It was too early for Slade and Eran to report to the squad room, but not enough time to return home. They decided to watch the news and relax after eating the meal Eran prepared. They sat at opposite ends of the giant leather couch placed in front of the...

Vampire Murders Part 18

Connie finds out what happened and starts to deal with it. Leona is threatened.

Slade and Leona walked into Gustaf's office and found Gustaf and Andrei still embroiled in conflict. It was as if they never changed places from the night before. The storm of words raged on in Romani and Slade felt so out of place. Leona entered and slam...

Vampire Murders Part 17

Connie heals quickly. Leona reveals what really happened the night before with Connie.

Leona and Slade left the Main Artery and drove to Cafe Rendezvous. Leona sat next to Slade, but touched him less and never looked directly at him. She tried to hide that she cried, about the night's earlier events with Connie. The argument between Gustaf...