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Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 24,

...he just rolled his eyes towards Maria. “She did it....” he croaked.

Benghazi. January 29th 1942   Maria stared at the men who had crashed onto her ward so abruptly. The officer she remembered from the incident in the desert but the others were not the ones who had assaulted her and her medic. “Was passiert?” she asked ner...

Styles rode at a breakneck speed toward the old Delgatto mine because he knew that a posse was forming and would soon give chase. The mine entrance was on top of a hill and there was only one road leading up to it. From this vantage point, he could see if...

Walk With Me

Walking through my mind with me.

A walk inside my head be a scary trip for most.Things that lurk scare the hell out of me at times.When at the front of my mind and I am their host. Probably a good thing that I only share small bits.Never inviting many to have a closer look inside.You may...