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3 years ago

On seeing the Light (re)born

Seeing the sun rise over the Caribbean invites reflection

I saw the light born and reborn this morning. From dark sea and dim horizon came a holy glow,A signal that night's rule was ending;A first, tentative announcement that light and life would indeed return from the underworld. That first dim glow grew bright...

The Sheriff and his two Deputies along with the man called Carpenter and a Franciscan Monk named Brother Sebastian trudged up the hill to the entrance to the old Delgatto mine. The full moon provided enough light to illuminate their path, not that Carpent...

Styles rode at a breakneck speed toward the old Delgatto mine because he knew that a posse was forming and would soon give chase. The mine entrance was on top of a hill and there was only one road leading up to it. From this vantage point, he could see if...

7 years ago


Sunrise portrait painted by my muse.

Striated banding brews patch work stripes; not a devil's work of art kissing heavens hues, but brush strokes and swipes; an appealing palette a la carte. Pinks, reds, greys and blues; another new day strikes, spawning a fresh start painted by my muse, rem...

7 years ago

Crimson Morning

A magnanimous morning to be alive.

Two ravens in the sky, flying wing to wing.Eastward bound, a caw, caw, song they sing. As the pink begins to appear against the blue.A wash of happiness, gracing my face anew. Days dawning brings brilliant expectation.Filling one's heart with warm anticip...

9 years ago

Devil's Art Work

Greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

Dark morning clouds filled with smoke.Horizon appearing to cough and choke. Outside edges lined in crimson flame.Looks like the devil is at work again. The sky on fire, alight with embers.Hanging like bright red suspenders. Spikes streaking high, as if le...