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The Detective

A botched attempt at solving a murder, it seems...

Charlie maneuvered through the throng of county police, shoving her badge into the face of anyone who tried to stop her. Close on her heels was her squad's best forensic analyst—who grumbled in dissatisfaction the moment they arrived. "What?" "The heat,"...

S.E.C.R.E.T. Chapter One

A supernatural love story where people almost get eaten by a monster.

  Chapter One   Valerian wakes to a shrill sound going off by his bed. The bed sheets are tangled and constricted around him, one of the reasons he stopped sleeping in a coffin. He's a very restless sleeper. When he was younger and a coffin was not option...

The Accidental Detective Part 3

The DI,The Gangster and The boiler suit

Wednesday This wasn’t the first time I had been hauled into a police station. There had been a drunken streak bet with Sherry during our college days. I had been busted after I tripped over some hydrangeas and fallen backwards into someone’s property... S...

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