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flotsam and jetsam

Black Squirrels

These guys are really famous where I live. Since I still can't format properly, ~-----~ means break.

Black Squirrels From white squirrels on lawns, a child's handbook full of revolutionary popcorn in sewn-shut pockets: advice from a birthday present, "Steal This Book: or what to wear to a riot." I wore OD and combat boots,  all I could afford (the next y...

Pandora's Box had HOPE at the bottom

very short pieces on totally different themes, largely drawn from having watched too much news

"Difficult . . ." difficult doesn't begin  to encapsulate, or capture:  "this." “This:” is unimaginable. I do my best to stand witness because someone must; to be present: a present, tense as long as it’s unobserved and given anonymously. ----------------...