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Jaundiced views of political moves shatter the credibility. Tattered news can only prove maundered fallibility. Sauntered news casually eschews truthful probability.   Journalistic hubris, as portrayed by the Righteous few. Is liberalism the reason for th...

Kindred Spirit, Distant Hearts. Chapter 17

“Ma'am, I'm sorry,” he wheezed breathlessly. “I found this under your bed.”

Benghazi. June 15th, 1941   After Maria had left the Chief Medical Officer, she didn't return directly to her room. Instead, she set about finding all the nurses that were to accompany her to Benghazi so that she could give them as much notice as possible...

The Nurses. Chapter 38

The red faced sailor quickly pulled up his pants and saluted.

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 8th, 1941.  The following morning, Maria and Katarina attended the sick parade as they had the day before but this one was a little different. Instead of having no patients, this time there were several, all complaining of minor ailm...

Black Squirrels

These guys are really famous where I live. Since I still can't format properly, ~-----~ means break.

Black Squirrels From white squirrels on lawns, a child's handbook full of revolutionary popcorn in sewn-shut pockets: advice from a birthday present, "Steal This Book: or what to wear to a riot." I wore OD and combat boots,  all I could afford (the next y...

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“Expert” may be parsed  into meaningful meme components: “ex” signifying former and “spurt,” a drip under pressure a Fox News expert on single mothers and the black family, says derelict parents nothing to do with slavery the struggles of Black America ha...

Pandora's Box had HOPE at the bottom

very short pieces on totally different themes, largely drawn from having watched too much news

"Difficult . . ." difficult doesn't begin  to encapsulate, or capture:  "this." “This:” is unimaginable. I do my best to stand witness because someone must; to be present: a present, tense as long as it’s unobserved and given anonymously. ----------------...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 30

Will anyone understand Demi's feelings upon hearing the news?

Chapter 30 The Elusive Truth “He is not a hostage. I’m talking about the Koms that were taken by the Blisps. This is why the war started again. You knew it. But instead of attempting to free them, you just bombed the whole country. Why? We’re going to Kom...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 12

Demi is 31 years old. Two years prior he married a man named Iris Leo. Events follow.

FRIENDS, BEAR WITH ME. I HAVE TO JUMP 15 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE as the rest of the book takes place from the time Domiarn is 31 to the time he is 39. It should be self-explanatory, but if you have questions, you can PM me! Chapter 12 The Premonition The mo...

From Morning Songs: Reading the News

Sitting in my isolated cabin in the woods reading news from around the world on the internet

Yesterday, I read about a bomb that killed a family in Afghanistan twelve hours ago-- four children, their parents and another man, a friend, perhaps, or a grand-parent who, just before their house exploded, was eating soup, talking, maybe laughing. In th...