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Anonymous 5 years ago


Just because

Rose red lips of a placid smile, keeping him in a trance and withering under her gaze. Playful eyes and teasing hands, she worked her way up to make him give in. Once he closed his eyes in surrender and ecstasy; slowly came about his demise by she who had...

You know that guy?That Lies Cheats DeniesHe was once Lied tooHurt Denied the truthNow he plays gamesWith heartsSoulsTearing other's apart He needed more in lifeRelationshipsFamily Not just hardships ------------------Remember that girl? Who dancedLaughed...

You are the sparklein my blue eyes,You are the twinklein the night sky,You are the onewho is my guy,You are the answerto every why,You are the reasonthat I live,You are the manto ALL I'll give