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Ireland Stories


Pancake Tuesday

Zara tries to bring a bit of the razzmatazz of Mardi Gras to rural Ireland

Zara slid into the vacant seat and joined her classmates for lunch. “So, what are you guys doing for Mardi Gras?” she enquired as she opened her can of coke. Her friend Sinead paused, a sandwich halfway to her mouth. “We don’t do Mardi Gras. We just have...

Two Irish Poems Of Lore

A poem of Irish lore and love.

An Irish Poem 1 (I used two different stones so there are 2 poems) I have walked among the wee folk, merrily and with smile. Dazzled by the greenest eyes, of which I was beguiled. She, of lore, with lips of cherry; kissed me once to make me merrier. I kis...