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Fairies Stories


Two Irish Poems Of Lore

A poem of Irish lore and love.

An Irish Poem 1 (I used two different stones so there are 2 poems) I have walked among the wee folk, merrily and with smile. Dazzled by the greenest eyes, of which I was beguiled. She, of lore, with lips of cherry; kissed me once to make me merrier. I kis...

Fairy Rings

Little girl finds out if Fairies are real

Adele was a bright and inquisitive child for only 8 years old. She loved to visit with her grandparents during the summer. Her grandfather would take her for long walks in the woods behind his house. He would explain to her the mysteries of the woods. Sho...

A Fairy Tale

Humans in Underhill

I plan this to be the first chapter of an ongoing saga if it's liked Art looked up through the drizzle and inspected the sky, then turned to his companion and said, “We better get off the water, Tom. It doesn't look good — it's getting real black over the...