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Pit Stories


The Fall

When life doesn't go according to plan

I recall a time when I used to view the future clearly Planned out every minute detail purposefully To ensure my life was lived successfully I laid every brick intentionally Nothing could have prepared me, When the boulder rolled down the hill suddenly An...

There's a pit that I fell intoI'm still falling, it's so deepAnd I cannot stop this tumblingCause the walls are smooth and steep It has made me lose my visionOnly one thing I see clearIt was Her that made me stumbleshe made all else disappear She keeps pu...


what it felt like, going to and descending into the mine

Coal-Miner Thirty year old powerloader Brian, stood amidst the crowd of jabbering miners as they waited to descend in the cage. His aching slightly overweight frame already fatigued with the stress of just getting there. He put his holdall down at his fee...