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paulus 6 years ago

There's a pit that I fell intoI'm still falling, it's so deepAnd I cannot stop this tumblingCause the walls are smooth and steep It has made me lose my visionOnly one thing I see clearIt was Her that made me stumbleshe made...

Anonymous 6 years ago

When I was five, I lived in New York. I didn't know, nor care if I was popular or not. I was just there, and played my own way. I later grew to learn which side belonged to me. As I look back, it seemed to me that I was the most forgotten and least likab...

Kayk 7 years ago


Flying and Falling

I can't remember why I wanted to fly,it seemed like I could do anything I try.Once upon a time the dream seemed real,but dreams all end and fate is sealedThe earth seemed so hard and dark,I wanted to be free, to escape it like...

The toddler falls, but he's made of rubber and bounces back up and learns, even if he cries.The tree falls and a new and stronger one grows in its place. A hawk flies at a dove, which is overwhelmed by fear and falls, and falling saves the dove's...

clum 8 years ago

I lie there, flat on my back, sore and disoriented. Blinking against the darkness, I begin to comprehend my surroundings but make no attempts to move yet, growing accustomed to the dull ache in my muscles. I've fallen into some sort of chasm, a deep and...

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