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Rise and Fall Ch 15

I'm the spark they refused to conceive~ Avantasia

"Oh so Dia is here, thank you for establishing that, Kitten."  Fatima's cheek turned slightly red, "Kitten? What?" She abruptly shook her head, "what are you doing in my home?" She asked curiosity hinting at her tone. "Well Kitten, I am here for Dia, and...


Rise and Fall Ch 7

Just let me be who I am, It's what you really need to understand.~Anna Blue Silent scream

Jake tilted his head up to the night sky, the moon now nearing its peak will soon descend. He stopped following the rest of the group shortly after he started. He honestly did not care what happened to the girl. It wasn't like she had done anything wrong...


Ace went down to the cafeteria and sat down at his table in the back. He assessed me for a moment, studying my eye and the patch where my other eye should be. His eyes lingered on it for a moment as a look of disgust flashed across his face. He composed h...