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A World To Save

A day in the life of a struggling hero.

The air tasted like lavender body wash and gunpowder. Fireworks dotted the night sky as the bang-bang-bang of New Year explosives ricocheted off the buildings in New Glory. Avery sucked in a deep breath and her hands to the moon, meaty palms up. It was gl...

SuperFriendly Newsletter: Heroics, Villainy and Venting

The newsletter that brings you the latest news and views on masks, mysteries and mayhem.

Greetings, one and all – it is I, Orl the Omniscient, coming to you from a well-hidden (and even more well-guarded) location, and I know you’re coming, so please just give it up, okay? Anyway, it’s been an interesting week in the weird and wonderful world...

SuperVillainy: The Incredible Adventures of Mister Impossible, Evil Mastermind

Every good supervillain deserves to have a blog to let off some steam...and launch his next scheme.

This is the personal blog of the ineffably, inestimably awesome Mister Impossible, Super-villain First Class, Mad Scientist, Master of Malevolent Magic, Soon-To-Be Master of The Universe. The views expressed by the author do not reflect the views of the T...