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May the angels look down on you this delightful dayMay they sense your love of lifeAnd grant you many blessings and much graceMay they touch your life with love and generosityThe way that you touch mine  

A NEW SPARK I wonder if you feel anything like I do. Do you long for the past, hate the present and fear the future?Has your heart been ripped up through your throat and straight out of your head up to the sky.You might feel something like thisBut do you...

Anticipating Everything And Nothing

A wise person once said that every relationship is good for two poems.

THE BEGINNING: Anticipating Everything and Nothing A warm, expansive feeling fills my chestAnd screams out inside of me --“I love you.”But I don’t say it out loudBecause I know you don’t trust the meaning of the words when spoken too soonAnd neither shoul...