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Anticipation Stories


Anticipating Everything And Nothing

A wise person once said that every relationship is good for two poems.

THE BEGINNING: Anticipating Everything and Nothing A warm, expansive feeling fills my chestAnd screams out inside of me --“I love you.”But I don’t say it out loudBecause I know you don’t trust the meaning of the words when spoken too soonAnd neither shoul...

Our First Kiss

Wanted this first kiss for so long.

Stares at my lips Fingers caress my cheek He leans forward Such longing Eyes closing He moves nearer Feeling his breath Mingle with mine, so close Both panting His fingers Tracing through my hair Pulling me in Hearts pounding Lips getting closer For our f...

My eyes beat the alarm, My thoughts nice and warm.Waking with a start.Anticipation in my heart, Planning for fun ahead,Mind clear of dreadLike the last day of school.Packing each one of my tools. My baby is too far away,I miss her every day,Thinking of al...

Afternoon Prayer

Confinement, sunshine, and self-love

What am I anticipating? A knocking at my door. Chance for some prevaricating: I'm naked on the floor. Random bits of scintillating Chit-chat from above: Floating hyperventilatingMoans of making love. The stranger coming to my gate Will knock and pass on b...