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Bartender Stories


To Own the Wind

They own you, the masters of whispers, always listening. How can you hide from the wind?

I watched my copper mailbox dangle from the door of my bar through the blurs of my windshield wipers. The rubber gripped the glass, not a forgotten drop or streak. They were new. The car was new. The mailbox was rusted and tarnished.      It was Sunday, I...

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The further adventures of a night club manager

Becoming a night club manager was still no picnic. One of the nicer clubs I worked for did not have a bouncer, they had an off duty cop or sheriff on duty, but it always seemed that I was usually the first one on the scene of any kind of altercation or si...

NightClub Stories

Some tales from the clubs I have worked

My stories about working nightclubs are sometimes too fantastic to believe, but as with all my stories they are from personal experiences. Working as a bouncer in a popular nightclub is not as glamorous as one would think Imagine that you are the only sob...