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Engaged student nurse Stories

engaged student nurse

More Than Just A Kiss Part Four - Girl Talk

Sequel to 'In The Park' - fourth in a five-part series

“Ann, are you telling us our straight-arrow, nice-Jewish-girl-from-Queens, Gwen, took some guy she was fooling around with on her ward to the park where they did, God only knows what?” "Is this stuff animal, vegetable, or mineral?" Ann was cautiously exam...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Three - In The Park

Sequel to 'More Than Just A Kiss: Ann’s Story'

Mark stood and offered his hand. She smiled and accepted the help. In one gentle, fluid motion, he lifted her from the chair and then into his arms. The kiss that followed was long, natural, and perfect.  After her confessional the night before, Ann would...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Two - Ann’s Story

Sequel to 'More Than Just A Kiss'

"And while you're making out with this ‘Nam vet, I'm stuck on the urology ward with a bunch of old farts who can't pee, and jive doctors who keep hustling me." Still stunned by the patient’s unexpected kiss, Gwen Kaplan leaned against the wall outside his...