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“I saw Sally in the butchers the other day.” “Oh yes.” “Yes, she’s really piling on the pounds.” “I noticed that. She told me that her doctor said that she had an underactive thyroid.” “Ha, and overactive knife and fork if you ask me.” “Yes, you are proba...

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 10, Moonlight and Revelations

This could be her last chance to, well, to do something to get Mark’s mind off Bebe.

 The phone wouldn't stop ringing. Amy, sitting at the table on the other side of the kitchen, eating a bologna-on-white-with-mayonnaise sandwich and heading into what she sensed would be one of the   steamier parts of,"The Carpetbaggers," tried to ignore...

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 03, Ailing Amy

Would learning the sexy little tramp she hated wanted to marry her best friend cause a relapse?

===The dream was back. So were those eyes. The ones that hovered in an angry sky, seeing everything but focusing on nothing.Amy knew those eyes—knew a time when they’d been filled with happiness and a love of life. But then her brother had returned from ...

Future Fairy Tales: Rapunzel and the Rumpled Snakeskin Jacket

The vengeance of a princess scorned is more than any troll can handle...

Once upon a time to come, there lived a princess named Rapunzel. And she was renowned for her beauty, as well as her heart and purity. In all the land, and in all the pages of the celebrity magazines and blogs and all over the world, her people loved her....

Bruce continued to eat with Amber everyday and no one intruded. When the school experimented with a talking study hall Amber managed to get her seat assigned next to his and everything seemed to be fine. They were both unaware that this simple act of havi...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Four - Girl Talk

Sequel to 'In The Park' - fourth in a five-part series

“Ann, are you telling us our straight-arrow, nice-Jewish-girl-from-Queens, Gwen, took some guy she was fooling around with on her ward to the park where they did, God only knows what?” "Is this stuff animal, vegetable, or mineral?" Ann was cautiously exam...

Summer BBQ

throw in $10 for more beer

Summer BBQif you were a little bird ......... overheard at my BBQ - isn't he like 60?- are the burgers done? - you hear Uncle Saul moved to Texas? - is she still with that white boy? - damn Royals really suck - she's pregnant, really?? - sad about the tor...


a short story in one very long sentence.

I worked in Tombstone at Diamond Jim's Olde Tyme Photo Studio dressing people up like saloon girls and cowboys and taking their pictures with a hundred-and-eighty-year-old camera that went POOF and running to the back to dip the sheets of paper from betwe...

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