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1970 Stories


The New Patient

For her, the war had never been personal, but the new patient had fought there and been wounded.

On a hot Friday afternoon in the summer of 1970, a young nursing student left work at the VA hospital, and hurried out to the nearby bus stop on First Avenue. The usual stop-and-go Friday traffic appeared to be stuck on stop. From the open windows of a gy...

More Than Just A Kiss, part eight - On The Town

Everything would have been perfect if they hadn't spent that extra day together.

"Well, I've got good news and I've got bad news. Which do you want first?" Gwen had just walked into Mark's hospital room and was taking off her damp raincoat. "Since I'm still standing," she said, "give me the good news first." "I've wrangled a three day...

More Than Just A Kiss: Conclusion?

Is a door closing or opening on their time together?

Blurb: She felt excited, nervous, maybe even a little scared. Most of all, her mind kept spinning trying to figure out just how she’d ever gotten herself into this room, at this moment and, most of all, with this man. ### In Mark Cahill’s considered opini...

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More Than Just A Kiss Part Four - Girl Talk

Sequel to 'In The Park' - fourth in a five-part series

“Ann, are you telling us our straight-arrow, nice-Jewish-girl-from-Queens, Gwen, took some guy she was fooling around with on her ward to the park where they did, God only knows what?” "Is this stuff animal, vegetable, or mineral?" Ann was cautiously exam...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Three - In The Park

Sequel to 'More Than Just A Kiss: Ann’s Story'

Mark stood and offered his hand. She smiled and accepted the help. In one gentle, fluid motion, he lifted her from the chair and then into his arms. The kiss that followed was long, natural, and perfect.  After her confessional the night before, Ann would...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Two - Ann’s Story

Sequel to 'More Than Just A Kiss'

"And while you're making out with this ‘Nam vet, I'm stuck on the urology ward with a bunch of old farts who can't pee, and jive doctors who keep hustling me." Still stunned by the patient’s unexpected kiss, Gwen Kaplan leaned against the wall outside his...

More than Just a Kiss

No hands touched her, but she couldn’t move. Then she responded to the kiss.

“In other national news, a Defense Department spokesman said 18,000 of the 31,000 US troops ordered into Cambodia by President Nixon have been withdrawn.”Gwen Kaplan gave her bangs one last touch. Before this summer, news about the war in Vietnam had been...