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Rusty, the Screen Door it Slams

Navigating the storms of becoming an adult at 12 is never easy.

Rusty, the screen door it slams. “Ya’ll be careful out there, please.” Momma yells. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Momma ushers us outside. “Little pitchers.” Momma says to Daddy. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Daddy sends us outside. “Daddy doesn...


A poem about how time flies by, especially while sleeping.

Where does it go?The time?The hand moves slow,Sound the chime.It seemed to grow wings,But where did it fly?Days of nothings,I wave goodbye.Yesterday seems,So far away,Twitching through dreams,Haunting as I lay.Sound the alarm,The loud clock beeps,So I mov...