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The Unicorn and the Frog

A sad tale of princes, dogs and frogs.

This is a sad tale Not one I like to tell But still it must me told So what the hell There was a Unicorn That was cursed by Kiera To become a frog by dawn You can see why people fear her He was a handsome Prince Not originally a frog As gorgeous as he onc...

Dumb Ol' Frog

Sometimes being cocky can backfire.

Leap frog, leap frog, hopping high, right over the log. Across the grass, down to the lake, he leaps in the air right over the snake. “See ya suck'r!” He cries with a grin, landing with a plop, in a can made of tin. “What the..?” He utters, confused as ca...

The World

There lived...

Once upon a time where frogs and butterflies lived in peaceful war and jellyfish had zones of pear, there lived a frog who wore striped rainbow pants. He was no ordinary frog. No, he was yellow. He lived in the cave where the dolphins of over-under flew p...