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Blessings Stories


The Interview of Invocation and Invitation

As if Compassion were a Storefront with a Sign that says Inquire Within or Help Wanted. Every Being is dealing with more than you know. Be Kind Always.

Peace be upon you; And also with me - -- and all within me Imagine being many A pantheon of souls A galaxy born from a stray dream An idle thought turned semen seed and grown Expanding facets of self -- blossomed to full And flowered to flesh of mind Matu...

On bowed knee, eyes raised to the heavens. Heart deeply filled, with love and respect Searching darken skies, for glimpses of angels. One’s heart softens, due to love in one’s heart. Invisible walls crumble, to the sound of singing angels. Returning to th...

May you have Peace and love Always in your heart Much laughter and smiles upon your lips May you find gold at the end of the rainbow Your loved one a heartbeat away Song and dance to move your spirit These blessings to you For you deserve them and so much...


Things always look brighter behind a smile.

If I should quitWill I ever knowHow seeds set Burst and grow Never would I see Them bud and bloomIf I lock myself away In a darkened gloom Cry yes I can If things go wrongSing to myselfMy self pity song Let my soul Be consumed with blackBut no that isn't...

Natures Maze

Things often missed, or taken for granted.

Never does it cease to amaze Walking through nature's maze What is missed as I pass Hidden amongst the grass Dew drops glistening in the sun Webs of silk that spiders spun Subtle shades of color in the trees Warmth carried upon a soft breeze Roaring creek...

Nature's Blessings

Nature shares her blessings.

Looking into the morning skiesNot a cloud to grace my eyes Across the blue only a contrailHanging in the sky like a veil Tranquil air delivering a chillBird calls splintering the still Darkness breaking into lightClear blue heavens a delight Around the ed...

My Father

A portrait of my father.

He was not a man of earthly riches He was patient in his daily toil. He did his best to help my mother who imposed her will on him every day Although all week he was brow beaten when it was time to bless our meal he was the king of our little abode. And i...

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