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Empathy Stories


The Interview of Invocation and Invitation

As if Compassion were a Storefront with a Sign that says Inquire Within or Help Wanted. Every Being is dealing with more than you know. Be Kind Always.

Peace be upon you; And also with me - -- and all within me Imagine being many A pantheon of souls A galaxy born from a stray dream An idle thought turned semen seed and grown Expanding facets of self -- blossomed to full And flowered to flesh of mind Matu...

El Pequeño Cocodrilo Peludo (The Little Furry Crocodile)

A children’s story and relevant exercises to help teach basic math and social skills.

This unit emphasizes intuitive reasoning with fractions and proportions. It also illustrates how to perform mental computations by simplifying problems. Lastly, it explores the notions of compassion and empathy. All the characters in the story are dogs. I...

Bird Life

We don't own the world - we have to share it.

I caught a pigeon today. The cheeky bird had wandered into our house and I found her upstairs in the bathroom. As soon as she saw me, she took flight and tried to escape by flying through the frosted glass of the window. No miracle route to freedom using...