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iambic pentameter

It's Only Make-Believe

But it's only make-believe

It may be only make-believe but realenough for us until the season's sighscan drift and melt our dreams' reality.A time for us to touch. Caressing blisswith every cat-like purr of vibrant trust.We move along the patterns of the gridthat maps our place, ou...

Only Now Do I See

It was a time I should remember well

It is a time I should remember well,the feelings special still when I recall.It may be true the thoughts of you are spreadacross the years and visions do not cometo me as I would wish that they might do. If you should ever pass me by I'd knowthat you were...

In Twilight Time

The time grows short but love will never die

The days grow short, your time runs out but lovewill never die. You simply must acceptthat it has come to you once more. Acceptthe way you have so many times before. You know that it is true; just look at themand realize the honesty they smile. They smile...