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Despite being a city born and raised child, I have always loved horses. Maybe it was all the adventures of The Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers, and Zorro that I watched that had this effect on me. Anyway, I have always loved horses and looked forward to the day...

Crazy Girl

Based on a true story.

It was the twentieth anniversary of the First Frame, a bowling alley owned and operated by my dad's cousins.They were the first alley to have automatic pinsetters in the state and the first to expand and add more lanes and a pool room.They were the first...

Invite Rejected

An invite to my class reunion

It was many years ago that I happened to bump into " Ricky " at a local restaurant. He had been a schoolmate and like me wore a loser tag presented to us by our peers, so I didn't mind chatting with him.He informed me that he was on the five year reunion...