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It had been more than ten days since I had a shower. It was a sweltering summer in South Korea. I worked the night shift, plotting points on maps and playing war games. During the day I sat at the gate and made sure that only the right people visited.

I sat on a pillow on the floor in the tidy apartment. There was a short table loaded with big seedy grapes and tea. My pastor’s wife was from Korea, her husband was an American. She fascinated me. I could tell she was kind and warm, but her face had an e...

I worked nights, so when I got a night off, I couldn’t sleep. I’d wander around the Ville, Anjeong-ri . I didn’t drink or party, so it was hard to find things to do, and friends. I’d eat at Dave’s Deaf Rest Stop and hang out with the deaf people until lat...

fallingdove 8 years ago

Happy Valley

A story about disturbing the dead

It was growing light in a tiny valley a few miles from the Demilitarized Zone. This valley was the closest thing I had seen to a cemetery in Korea. Happy mounds encircled me on three sides and there was a misty, sacred feel to the place. It seems odd to c...

fallingdove 8 years ago

Like a Pit-Stop in Oz

a story about a woman having to go to the bathroom, with-out facilities, around a crowd of men.

A bracket that holds the steering wheel to the dash came loose. The convoy of military vehicles pulled over and waited for a mechanic to come and fix the problem. We were parked on the side of a freeway in Korea, just before twenty little tollbooths, alon...