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White-trunked paper bark birch trees lined Duncan Street. Little golden spots of light wiggled through the dancing leaves. I was so happy to move onto the only pretty street in Killeen, Texas. My car broke down, and I decided to walk to church. C...

DLizze 8 years ago

Walk/Don't Walk

Conversation with a street walker

------------------------------------- This work within its first few lines contains language or other material which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piec...

I worked nights, so when I got a night off, I couldn’t sleep. I’d wander around the Ville, Anjeong-ri . I didn’t drink or party, so it was hard to find things to do, and friends. I’d eat at Dave’s Deaf Rest Stop and hang out with the deaf people until lat...