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No Brights, No Rights (Chapter One)

This chapter introduces a few characters who are a part of the story.

Part One, Chapter One“NO BRIGHTS, NO (SCHOOL) ACCESS!” That’s what one pin said on Maddie Sticks’ double neon green shirt. “NO BRIGHTS, NO RIGHTS!” That’s what her green rubber wrist band said in big and bold white letters. Maddie Sticks is an eighteen-ye...

Youth Theater

My experiences with Youth Theater. Part 1

In the Summer of 1990 and the beautiful lady producer from Dracula contacted me again. Her Summer youth theater program was presenting "Grease" for the second time and they needed a Teen Angel. The last time I took the vacant roll of Vince Fountain, the s...

Trod the Boards

My first time on stage

I have alway loved the acting and the stage. My first play was in kindergarten and I soon became fascinated with acting. A popular children's show here on Sunday would feature a well know community theater group that would present short plays between the...