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Can’t rain forever (part 08)

Julie's enemies start to fall and get what they deserve

  I told him simply that he should go and inform himself better, before trying to con someone into signing papers they didn’t want to sign. By then, they still weren’t aware that I had a law firm (actually two) covering me, so he asked me to return the pa...

Today I walked out of Walmart. I had in hand some coverlets for my bed that were on sale. Also, my prescription for a tooth gel my dentist wants me to use. I have been using it for a year and it seems to be working to keep my teeth in shape. I don't want...

Desires vs. Needs

Will I be happy with just a taste?

Decisions to make, not knowing which?Bring into full light, for everyone to see?Wonton real desires, real factual needs?Bury back again, dark, deep maybe at sea? Feeling of something foreign,within my mouth be tasted.Desires can they be realized, do they...