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AnnaMayZing 11 months ago

The Siren

Tales of smugglers and wrecks. Rescues, ships in distress and more...

Hartland Quay, North Devon. A place of absolute beauty. On a sunny summers day, with the tide gently splashing over the rocks, it is hard to imagine anything but a tranquil, restful scene. At low tide, however, there is much evidence of the destruction...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Mrs Robinson Crusoe

Mrs Robinson's Story

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what happened to that cute little smile. She'd not seen her mister since their boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck.   The boat had sunk ben...

tradford 10 years ago

A Sailor's Tale

A fantasy tale set in the mid 1800s.

A Sailor’s TaleBy Tony RadfordThey left the port of Aberdeen in eighteen fifty three,a crew of ten courageous men on the good ship Anne Marie.Of Clipper-class, with triple masts, her colors for the Queen,a heavy hold of Spanish...