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The Shadow in the House

Not everything is merely a figment of imagination.

We had moved, thousands of miles away. Dad claimed it was a job transfer, but I knew the real reason. I knew it was because of the shadow in the house.  At first, my parents didn’t believe me. Said I was just hearing things; all in my head. Then, out of t...

It started with a whisper. A subtle phrase ripening within my conscious mind. “Devour the world,” it said. Slowly I rolled out of bed and dragged my limp body across the weathered linoleum floor to the edge of the room. It was almost midday. “Too early fo...


Where friendship can bloom

Whispers of the night,Of the heart,Where our love livesSo many nights.Our hearts whisper of love,Of that perfect moment,That perfect kissThat takes our breath away. So many times I come here,Following the whispers of your heart,Following your sweet love,W...