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5 years ago


My first poem; be kind.

Apprentice I cannot hope to ever matchyour lovely flowing linesyou measured words, your metered pacethe cadence of your rhymesAll I know is how your wordstouch something deeply hiddenThey recognize a secret placeThey call my name unbiddenAnd so I dance to...

I pride myself on being a contented guy, But I can’t help looking at this tree with jealousy in my eye. He has a heart yet he has not a single feeling, If I were like him then I’d not have known this feeling like my heart needs healing. He’s been standing...

To find that one, the one you can truly love, Is a gift that comes from heaven above. It’s a feeling actions can’t keep hidden And some pray to from it be ridden. It makes you stop considering looks, And you judge persons as DVDs not as books. You constan...

You possess a beauty that makes men go under. But where did it first appear, I cant help but wonder. It cant be the first of its kind, For its not the first, to ever corrupt a male mind. It had to have existed in prehistoric times, But could not be descri...

6 years ago

Full Blue Moon Chapter 2: Define A Hero

How far would you go to save the helpless?

The fight between Kentaro and Kana quickly spread around school.Some kids even went up to Hiro for confirmation. He told them all the same thing. "She just stuck up for me, that's all." In each of his classes they were talking about it. "It was her first...

7 years ago

Ole bear

This is for you dc may your voice never stay silent .

I know a ole bear Furious and proud Protective of what he deems his Pushes and pulls and shares your dreams Delightful in his great rumbling growl His wit and humor know no bounds Careful when trespassing on his hunting grounds He knows how to rend with t...