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Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 14

She knelt beside him and placed her fingers against his bloodied neck. She found a pulse!

Levan, Albania. June 10th, 1941   It had been a strange day. Late in the afternoon she had been summoned to the dispatch office and given further orders. To her dismay, she was told that the invasion of Greece had been a success and the Aquilea had been d...

Halfway down Wolf Mountain...

Gold used as an analogy for something precious that you'd fight to keep.

My trail led out of wilderness, a goat path headed down.  For years somehow I'd stood the test of mining desperate ground.  Now with rifle cradled like a child and pistols here and there. With eyes this world had not beguiled, that had a look that said: "...

Banished (prologue)

When an elvish settlement is ambushed in the night, will one small family of elves be able to flee?

There were little fireflies in the dark sky, and that's how I knew it was nighttime. Momma called them stars, and I always loved looking up at them. There was also an enormous white will-o'-the-wisp that watched over the fireflies, but Momma called it the...


The full moon danced on the tall grass as they lay in wait.

Ambush Each full moon they stream out into the grass. Sixteen men veterans all move under the moon. Not a word spoken, they know the job at hand. Back in camp they call for the copters. Silence is there friend, their savior. In the distance they hear grun...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 8

In this chapter Demi goes through a trial and learns the true identity of Aret's lover.

Chapter 8 Into The Storm I see him standing on a meadow of fragrant flowers and wild garlic. One of those clandestine places in the forest, where if a deer would pass by, stepping on garlic leaves, the pungent smell would linger in the air for a long time...