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Dwarf Stories


The Prophecy of Gwenderan - Chapter III

The humans find out of the robbery, and so does everyone else.

Slowing their pace after making sure that they weren’t being followed by any of the grey elves, Aaron now thought of what their next step was going to be. He knew he had to get back to the human kingdom as fast as possible and let everyone know of what wa...

Banished (prologue)

When an elvish settlement is ambushed in the night, will one small family of elves be able to flee?

There were little fireflies in the dark sky, and that's how I knew it was nighttime. Momma called them stars, and I always loved looking up at them. There was also an enormous white will-o'-the-wisp that watched over the fireflies, but Momma called it the...

The Prophecy of Gwenderan - Chapter II

The story continues at the elven kingdom.

Inside the comfort of his house, he now worried about Lira. She had disappeared overnight to who knows where, and now he had this bad feeling in his gut that told him something was terribly wrong. He wanted to go outside and look for her, but he was afrai...