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Excitement Stories


Ding-dong “Hello?” “I might be wrong, but I think you were spying on me from your window?” “Er…” “Enjoying the view, were you?” “Erm…” “Get a good gawp at my naked body?” I really didn’t know what to say. “Did you like seeing my bare breasts on display?”...

My eyes beat the alarm, My thoughts nice and warm.Waking with a start.Anticipation in my heart, Planning for fun ahead,Mind clear of dreadLike the last day of school.Packing each one of my tools. My baby is too far away,I miss her every day,Thinking of al...


The lead-up is almost as fun.

Anticipation The excitement starts weeks away. We discuss the dates of our next encounter. Both our busy lives leave little time to see each other, but we carve out a little slice. Sometimes, it's a big slice. That makes me grin, as the tickets are purcha...

Guitars and Guitars

Just a few unfiltered thoughts about guitars.

I’m sitting here, watching a film called It Might Get Loud. If you’ve not seen it, it’s a documentary about the guitar. Well, that was its aim, but it seems to have turned into a bit of a jam with Jimmy Page, Jack White and Edge. I love how Jimmy and Jack...

Dancing with the thunder

my dance with thunder and rain enjoying a moment complete wild abandonment.

The thunder boomed the lighting cracked I sat up in bed The air was electric My pulse pounded My heart sped Chills danced up and down my arms Opening the door I stepped outside The sky's dark The rain beating down Then a flash and the world lit up Everyth...

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Christmas Tree

Two boys come running out to tell me they have decorated their tree.

Running through Their house to the front door Theo and Rowan excited from hanging decorations, come to me shouting see what I have done! Love swelling From my heart I look with wonder At their tree Sweet children You have magic That gives me courage To go...