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4 months ago

The Bearable Lightness of Being

Bear and Girl start to get to know each other, with some surprises along the way.

When Bear returned from getting his lunch and marking the boundaries of his territory, Girl was again asleep in the rocking chair. One hand was trailing down the side, her head lolled against a shoulder, and she was drooling slightly. He stopped to look a...

Anonymous 3 years ago

A very ill-tempered woman

Why should we get rage always? Why should we get rage with someone or something always?

Once upon a time, there was a very ill-tempered woman. She could rage over a silly little thing always. She understood that was wrong. She consulted a Zen Master for improvement one day.   The Zen Master led her into a room after he listened to her distre...

8 years ago

I once read, probably in Trout Fishing In America, or maybe in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or maybe I didn't read it at all; maybe I just thought it, and thought I must have read somewhere that the art of Zen is not to think about God while...

9 years ago

Thanksgiving—The Mourning After

A man reflects upon Thanksgiving from the turkey’s point of view.

My knees began to wobbleas I heard your final gobbleand the ax came down and severed off your head.I knew you had a brotherand a father and a motherbut I chose to see you just as food instead.It must be so unnervingknowing you will be a servingand that be...

10 years ago

Is it better to travel in hope than to arrive?

Means vs. Ends, Process vs. Outcome, East's deep!

“It is better to travel in hope than to arrive..”I heard this quote from a thoughtful man who had heard it in the past. He apparently was well traveled, as the quote had an Eastern cast. It suggests that unlike in the West where we emphasize the goal, per...