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Halloween Hi-jinks and other ramblings.

A few thoughts on Halloween in New Zealand.

Halloween isn't widely celebrated in New Zealand. It's more of an American thing, but I have noticed that now it is slowly starting to catch on over here. The local Plaza now stock Halloween costumes, and not just for children, as I have seen in previous...

Phantom Wars Chapter 8

Halloween at the mansion is always a Treat.

Chapter Eight: Halloween “Wait, it’s already Halloween?” Ethan asked. “Yeah it’s the biggest time of the year for the mansion,” Picario said. “Practically every phantom shows up for the Halloween party on the 100th floor. It's fantastic!” “And the costume...

All Hallows Eve

Remembering the fun on Halloween night.

In the dark a black cat silhouetted by the moonFright night and gathering treats is coming soon Sparking memories in my mind of days pastSmiling to myself man that used to be a blast Dressing up in costume going door to doorCollecting goodies in a sack ne...