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Curse Stories


The Highly Recommended Witch Doctor

A young man investigates a curse being used to rob him of his youth.

The Highly Recommended Witch DoctorIt was ugly, possibly the ugliest tattoo I had ever seen. The colour didn’t do him much justice either. A dark red ink ran across his face. Clearly some kind of animal but one could easily mistake it for a large scar.May...


Enchanted Mirror

I'm what you face, when you face in the mirror. Long as you live I will still be here. ~Confrontion

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, a crack in the corner, likely to fall. All the distorted voices, hear my call. Take up arms we rise at nightfall. Abrupt fright woke Madge, another nightmare, another dream in which all her dreams disappeared. The howling wind...

The Wishes

Two lovers fight a curse, to be together again as humans

Many thanks to Sonia. She is my muse and without her this story wouldn't be created.Let me tell you the adventure of Were-Tiger, a former prince of a long forgotten kingdom somewhere in India and his Little Bird, a former princess of a forgotten realm in...