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Scream Stories


Breathe in peace, that’s what they say, to reduce anxiety, better yet, take a holiday. Imagine a white sandy beach, oh, I've done that before. Closing my eyes, all I see is a door. Daring myself to open it, greeted by Munch’s Scream. Why is stress like a...


Too much. Just too much.

When they are too loud,They torture me,You sing so proud,It disarms me. When I hear their fear,As death claims them,Your arms hold me dear,I forget them. When my tears flow,My soul is aching,You say I still glow,I smile, disbelieving. When my sanity fails...


It's a soothing poem,that relaxes your mind

    You find refuge In yourself The only place You feel the warmth of love Safe and secured The only get away place You can find Out of sight Only you Understands yourself It’s in the inner most Part of you You find refuge A place to express To cry Shout...