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Wanting you home

A fathers’ effort to bring his 13 year old son home safe ...

You went home to see your mum in January For a normal visitation and never returned. Now, five long months have passed and although we looked, you have remained gone. So today we went to court Trying to get you safely returned. The judge listened calmly a...

Eyes Wide Shut PT2

I very small fraction of the love I possess for my kids, and how I die a little every day.

Like a mighty waterfall,My tears are never ending,Your daddy wants to save the day,But who am I pretending,It's me against the world,You're both caught in the middle,Life is hard to understand,Often harder than a riddle,I'm so proud to be your Daddy,More...

Eyes Wide Shut

this is about the custody battle im going through.

I can pretend,That the pain's not real,I try to block it out,Til I'm so numb that I don't feel,The road is just one way,I'm either right or wrong,I've made many bad decisions,I was wrong all along,For 13 years,I was daddy of the year,It changed in an inst...