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clum 11 months ago

“I think that’s enough for tonight, Nobuo.” The young boy’s father had stood in the doorway for thirty minutes, moved by his son’s unwavering focus and diligence. He knew he would have continued through the night if he was allowed. “Just one more, d...

Paperboy 11 months ago

R(a)ising Son

They will remember his son

The living room television plays in the background as Sol inspects his son, Mikhail, one final time. He kneels down to polish his boots with the cuff of his sleeve till they shine. As he stands, he ensures the belt is secure and then moves around to th...

MikeStone 2 years ago


... And the fires flickered on his father’s face.

"Yuval" Three in the morning A soft blue light emanated under the blanket. His father stared into the darkness at the tell-tale light And whispered, “Aren’t you asleep yet?” “Wait! I’m fighting the Klaxons,” Yuval whispered back. The...

gillianleeza 5 years ago

Tic, Tic, Tic....

For my middle son who has Tourette Syndrome.

Tic, tic, tic, a sound we've all heardYour whole life it seems, their presencesometimes a comforting soundNo longer, this last ones the worstTo hear the pain it's causing youmakes my heart bleed and hurtTic, tic, tic, a sou...

AnnaMayZing 5 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 5

The casualty, a young SS soldier but to Katarina, just another patient.

Berlin. September 3rd, 1939         Katarina went to work at the Charité as normal. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear and the sun was beginning to climb in the sky. Germany had become more lik...

Kiera 6 years ago

My Son

God Took A Piece Of My Heart.

My sonGod took a piece of my heartMade it youAnd made it lastA love like thisAn ache in my chestA love like thisI must confessI really wasn't sureHow I would feelBut now I knowBecause you are re...

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paulus 6 years ago

Mother and wife

A small tribute to those that were left behind

That her God always hears That is what she believes And that helps her and comforts her Because she grieves For the loss of her loved ones Both her husband and son Who had died in september of 2001 T...

Cheryl 6 years ago

You want what

You didn't write Santa for that.

You want what? It was Christmas Eve 1996, daddy was back from the war in Vietnam. It had been a long year with daddy gone. Everyone was so excited about Christmas. We all bundled up and everyone jumped into the car to go and see all t...

girlie4280 7 years ago

My Oldest Son

Happy 8th Birthday

Today is your birthdayI'm sorry I couldn't be with youMy heart achingI remember the night you were bornYour first cry into this worldThe joy of holding you in my armsLooking into your eyesYou were taken awa...

aussie_kitty77 7 years ago

Wanting you home

A fathers’ effort to bring his 13 year old son home safe ...

You went home to see your mum in January For a normal visitation and never returned. Now, five long months have passed and although we looked, you have remained gone. So today we went to court Trying to get you safely returne...

Puppy 7 years ago

A Tear Gave Me Away!

I knew men at war who carried poems written from home. This could have been one.

You asked me daddy to play it brave when you left for the war that day. I'm sorry but when I started to wave, an itty bitty tear gave me away. I tried to recover and wipe it away as you walked toward the plane.