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Letter Stories


Dear God!

A letter in a bottle, thrown in the ocean in hope God finds it to help me find love.

Dear GodIs it too much to ask for companionship in this lifeAs I walk this path of loneliness you dealt for meWhile you look down from aboveSomeone to hold my hand, kiss my lipsTo smile and assure me compassionTo show me the meaning of loveWith every beat...

My Angel That Is you

I wish you had added a note, so I know it;s you?

I got a letterIn the postFrom one I love the mostBut what does it mean?I don't understand?Did you send it?Or did he to be underhand?I hope it was from youBut there was no noteI want it to be trueAnd not sent by him to gloatAre you reaching out?Should I se...

The Letter

I love you, Kitten.

Whenever I'm lonely, whenever I start to miss you, I hold in my hand, that little bit of you, I hold it and read it and you're there, saying those words, snuggling, your words enveloping me like a blanket, a warm, comfy blanket of love. And I'm there. Wit...

Letter to Auntie

I'd love for you to see me right now as I write this letter.

The morning pond fog wrapped around the dock as it jutted out into it with peaceful serenity. Alicia Faye stood on the end of the dock and felt the pond fog's mist slowly drift around her bare ankles, stinging them with little needle prick droplets. She s...

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