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Execution Stories


Hashem Shaabani

I think I was six years old / When I held my father's hand in the suk / And saw my first hanging

"Hashem Shaabani"(Raanana, February 11, 2016) I think I was six years oldWhen I held my father's hand in the sukAnd saw my first hanging,God is great.So was the heat of the sunThe dust and the gnats,Praised be He.I asked my dadWhy that man was dancing in...


What goes on outside your patio windows for all the nieghbors to see.....

Ah, Sunday morning. I had already started my weekend ritual by retrieving the Sunday paper from the front porch and retiring to the screened in patio with a cup of coffee. Sitting down, I flipped through the bundle of papers to find the Sunday morning com...