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christena 1 year ago

To: Two Doves

I could drink from your lips

Ink your memory on canvas Daydream of your blush melanin skin I could drink from your lips Night owl at your poinsettia Never to forsaken;   Could one be so besieged by the first Desire a second And still be wholesome?   C...

MikeStone 2 years ago

Hashem Shaabani

I think I was six years old / When I held my father's hand in the suk / And saw my first hanging

"Hashem Shaabani"(Raanana, February 11, 2016) I think I was six years oldWhen I held my father's hand in the sukAnd saw my first hanging,God is great.So was the heat of the sunThe...

Monique 6 years ago

A poet destroyer

I'm a poet destroyer

Silver Skimpy Ink, String, A POET DESTROYER's bling, bling Think of me as a human ditty delicious decoration, Something along the line of a sweet tooth temptation Cherry tastes, between the slit of tender toast  Fine jumble...

Monique 6 years ago

More than a poet

This describe me

Yeah, I'm more then a poet cause I'm an artist and a writer. I'm a lover and a fighter and my son provider. I have a habit of my own of graspin' words with my fist. See, I'm a talented unknown and un...

The heavy feelings of a transitional state of mind.Channeled into meaningsfor personalities of any kind. Enabler, healer of the soulher fickle emotions, enticingly wayward.Sexually lofty, deviously foulinciting poets, ne...