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Online Princess

Just a little thought about those in online romances...

When you’re little  You never think You’ll find a prince Across a screen    You dream of castles In the sky  Riding rainbows  Learning to fly   You find a telescope And see the stars Not thinking about  Broken hearts    You hear promises In your ear  Hopi...

Late Nights

For Glitter Girl

Late night chatsWondering where you're atOh look, there you areWe hate being too farEven in busy wild timesOur friendship is mineYou've kept me out of the holeMr Rabbit needs a new roleLet's throw away the clock'sNot needing to know, let's rockYou drive n...

Yawn Song

You know what I mean

How could you?Send me a poem so crappyClaiming it to be sappy?I hope you are happy.I read it.You asked me to followYou spit, I swallow,But your poem has no flowNor a dipNot a single solitary beatAlthough some words are sweet,Not the part that goes "skeet...

Gitter Girl

Love My Glitter Girl

Glitter girl, you came into my life at just the perfect timeYou make me laugh, forget my problems and show me the dayI know you're popular around these parts, but what we have is mineWeird exploring, picture choices, your are the sunshine to my rayMessage...