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Venus de Milo

How does one ever know whether his memories are his or implanted by someone else?

“What can I do for you?” “Well, Professor Palmer, I’ve been browsing the Internet and came across your work on false memories and external indicators differentiating false and true memories,” Axel answered the man sitting behind the oversized mahogany des...


Memories are forever in our hearts.

Memories we make them every day, I wonder do we realize at the time, How much that memory will mean later on in life. Something as simple as a smile from someone special that brightens our day. A hug from a friend when we need encouragement. A text from t...


The power of a hug is overwhelming.

Hugging you hugging meCuddled close so tenderlyIn each others armsWe hear no alarmsIn each others eyesThere's no disguiseComfortable togetherHeads light as a featherBeating hearts in rhythmSouls feeling a collisionNot wanting to let goContent with the flo...

I should write a poem,So a poem I shall write, Though, actually, I don't feel too bright,So maybe I'll just take a flight.A flight to where?Now, that's a bugbear!I'll go to where I can hug a bear. I should watch out,Lest I get julienned,Or for me, it shal...